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Note Regarding COVID-19: Perfecta's commitment during this unprecedented pandemic remains to the health and safety of our employees. Following protocols from the CDC, we have adapted our working arrangements to include: more flexible work-from-home options, social distancing in the office and at client facilities, providing hand sanitizer and appropriate PPE at the office, instituting temperature checks upon arrival at the office and limiting the numbers of staff in communal spaces.



Springfield, VA – 26 May 2020 — Perfecta is pleased to announced today that TMC has named Labyrinth as a recipient of the 2019 INTERNET TELEPHONY Cyber Security Excellence Award presented by INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.


Labyrinth provides a secure, purpose-built managed attribution network with oversight, control, and global inter-connectivity for mission critical operations


Threat analysis, open source research, and law enforcement missions requires globally assured communication systems. Critical missions can’t be compromised and exploited by adversaries who are capable of identifying and tracking the identity and location of the network traffic or end user device.


“Labyrinth is the first PaaS offering at Perfecta built on the intellectual property and best practises of our incredible cyber services team,” said George Zoulias, Perfecta CEO.   “This award validates of our vision of building systems to make the world safe and is a great example of the quality and dedication of our team.” 

“Congratulations toPerfecta for being honored with an INTERNET TELEPHONY Cybersecurity Excellence Award for innovation in IP communications. Labyrinth has demonstrated outstanding quality and has delivered exceptional, measurable, tangible results for its users,” stated Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.



About Perfecta


Perfecta is a Software, Services, and SaaS firm located in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Since 2008, Perfecta has helped federal agencies and commercial businesses deploy secure communications, cybersecurity, and managed attribution.


Our solutions are built with precision and an understanding of the unique goals and needs of our customers. We revolutionize how things have been done in the space, and provide efficient, cost-effective, and intuitive solutions that allow you to focus on your mission and stay steps ahead of threats.


Perfecta is committed to ensuring that the United States leads the cybersecurity space. Lagging behind other countries or nefarious organizations, is simply not an option. By leveraging extensive cyber operations and signature reduction experience, we create secure, easy-to-deploy, and configurable technology solutions that our customers can trust for their mission-critical needs




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