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Note Regarding COVID-19: Perfecta's commitment during this unprecedented pandemic remains to the health and safety of our employees. Following protocols from the CDC, we have adapted our working arrangements to include: more flexible work-from-home options, social distancing in the office and at client facilities, providing hand sanitizer and appropriate PPE at the office, instituting temperature checks upon arrival at the office and limiting the numbers of staff in communal spaces.

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When you partner with Perfecta, you’ll have access to our General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 contract which provides access to the following opportunities:


Contract Number: 47QTCA18D00C4

Awarding Agency: General Services Administration 

Contract Ceiling: Unlimited

End Date: May 14, 2023



The General Services Administration (GSA) IT Schedule 70 offers a broad range of IT products and services to federal, state, and local agencies. The schedule includes more than 7.5 million products and services from over 4,600 pre-vetted vendors. The GSA administers this Multiple-Award Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (MA IDIQ) contract and performs regular audits on Prime Contractors to ensure that IT Schedule 70 customers receive best-value pricing.


Functional Scope:
With over 7.5 million IT products and services available through IT Schedule 70, the scope of this MA IDIQ is difficult to describe. All contract offerings are IT-centric in nature, and notable examples of product classes include:Cloud IT Services

  • Computer and Networking Hardware
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Center and Storage
  • Health IT Services
  • IT Mandates and Initiatives
  • Satellite Services
  • SmartBuy: Commercial Software Solutions
  • Software and Applications
  • Sustainability
  • Systems Life Cycles Integration
  • Telecommunications, Wireless, and Mobility
  • Telepresence




Point of Contact:

Marvin Perez

202-888-4949 x1072


6506 Loisdale Road

Suite 300

Springfield, VA 22150

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