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Note Regarding COVID-19: Perfecta's commitment during this unprecedented pandemic remains to the health and safety of our employees. Following protocols from the CDC, we have adapted our working arrangements to include: more flexible work-from-home options, social distancing in the office and at client facilities, providing hand sanitizer and appropriate PPE at the office, instituting temperature checks upon arrival at the office and limiting the numbers of staff in communal spaces.

Our Services

Software Development

We tailor secure cyber solutions based on your needs and goals with tools we designed for use in access, reconnaissance, exploitation and attack. Our R&D division provides full product lifecycle support—from designing and customizing solutions to manufacturing field-ready products. Our technology locates cyber threats before they’re launched, connects legacy and modern communications systems, provides secure remote access in the field, and much more. 

Penetration Testing

Our technical penetration (pen) testing services entail the full spectrum of pen strategies. Our certified experts determine security weaknesses in your local and remote systems and analyze physical access systems and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities. Your requirements focus us on your priorities so that we can deliver comprehensive reports with detailed findings and risk mitigation recommendations. In addition, we can review architecture, policy, and response procedures for control systems, networks, and access systems, as needed.

Digital Forensics

We conduct forensic examinations of systems, networks, hardware, software and devices. Through pre- and post-deployment scans of systems, we determine exposure to threats. Our experts then apply post-compromise analysis to assess the extent of any damage and recommend a mitigation strategy. We analyze and test software, hardware, and networks in support of vulnerability discovery, compliance verification, quality assurance, and other targeted goals. Our services include forensic analysis of end user and network devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, routers, switches, access points, and enterprise systems. This deep dive provides you with a complete review of lifecycle events.

Consulting and Integration

Our federal and private sector clients seek our IT solutions and consulting services for support with intelligence, solution integration, cyber activities and enterprise communications. We contract to our federal clients directly and help other companies package products and services for sale to federal government entities. We can design, develop and integrate system architectures and assist in operational planning and strategic management. Our specialists leverage counterintelligence, security, and special operations experience to identify and report on domestic and overseas threats that affect government and industry, including people, systems, networks and infrastructure.