Perfecta Convium

Perfecta Convium integrates chat, voice, file-sharing, and video-conferencing communications into a user-friendly system. Its mobile application incorporates a unique layer of security so that data sent through a personal electronic device (PED) is forensically irretrievable on that device. 

It offers secure chat allowing collaborative confidential messaging in real time. Perfecta Convium's simple file transfer, with end-to-end encryption, enables transfer files with a key press, or simply by dragging and dropping them on the message box.

Unified Collaboration System

Perfecta Convium supports unified collaboration by empowering users to create teams, public channels, and private groups to securely share files of any size. This system reduces email-use and enables quick real-time communication. It permits the use of tags, hashtags, and emoticons in messages.

The chat server can be self-hosted or cloud-based, providing secure inter-communication and managerial capabilities. These capabilities reduce the need for multiple servers, data centers, and commercial licenses.

Secure and Configurable Communication


Advanced features include configurable chatbots that monitor cyber sensors, then alert the user when triggered. Perfecta Convium does not automatically employ chatbots; rather, it allows the set-up of chatbots that support specific tasks, such as automatic position-location reporting and auto-messaging capabilities.




Special Features

  • Unified voice and video communication
  • Real-time collaboration platform
  • Forensically irretrievable data
  • End-to-end encryption
  • User-configurable chatbots
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