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Springfield, V.A. – May 15, 2018 – Perfecta, a leading cyber security, and communications technology provider, announced today the expansion of its business into the commercial sector to help Fortune 500, and Global 2000 enterprises monitor and detect previously unknown data breaches and compromised information. Perfecta Lantern™ is an industry leading dark web data and information monitoring and detection service that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science with trained Intelligence Analysts. It delivers broad dark web data and information monitoring and detection capability combined with actionable information and meaningful reports.


This comprehensive service can be customized to the unique needs of a business. Whether monitoring for compromised credit card data, personally identifiable information (PII), leaked intellectual property or cyber threats, Perfecta Lantern achieves accurate visibility for its clients.


Using its highly trained machine learning and automated crawling capability Perfecta Lantern collects data and information from the surface web, closed and hidden networks, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication and dark web sources in over 50 languages around the globe. It’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology performs in-depth analysis identifying correlational data between terms, references, dates and locations to quickly generate relational maps of information that Data Scientists and Intelligence Analysts use to uncover and accurately detect malicious activity.


Perfecta Lantern far exceeds traditional dark web monitoring services commonly available today. With its unique combination of discovery, correlation, analysis and threat identification, Perfecta Lantern is positioned to offer capabilities once reserved for governments and militaries to commercial clients.


“Theft of intellectual property, personal identities and financial information continues to be a significant and growing risk to all organizations. With the vast information available online combined with stolen data from the dark web, adversaries and cyber criminals are using this information in new ways to penetrate corporate networks and gain unique information profiles on companies, individuals and other targets,” said Keith Peer, Perfecta’s Chief Operating Officer. “Perfecta Lantern empowers our clients to understand the threat and gain insightful information to make informed decisions.”

Register and attend a free seminar on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Perfecta is hosting “Perfecta Lantern: How Dark Web Data is Used Against You,” at the Hilton Hotel in Springfield, VA. Reservations are required, and seating is limited. Register today!


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Perfecta is a leading cyber security, and communications technology product and service provider. We offer solutions that protect and deliver critical information on the ever-changing cyber landscape. Our platforms facilitate the ability to communicate, protect and secure organizations around the world. For more information, visit



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