Perfecta Prism™

Perfecta Prism is an advanced data and video distribution management system and streaming media gateway that incorporates both recording and transcoding capabilities. It allows you to receive and record from multiple data sources in various formats, enabling you to transcode and distribute them to virtually any device.

Perfecta Prism integrates multiple stream-analysis features into a comprehensive solution to inspect data stream attributes—such as format, codec, bit rate, and other media-specific fields.

Video and Data Management System

Providing scalable transcoding and protocol-modulation capabilities, Perfecta Prism’s video modification functionality allows you to customize overlay data across multiple output streams. It optimizes video output by reducing bandwidth requirements, transcoding HD video to a lower resolution, reducing frame rates, or blanking-out metadata.

Perfecta Prism enables Enterpise-grade remote management and configuration, including: tools for stream management, log management, network configuration management, network troubleshooting, external stream analysis, and secure shell (SSH) servers for accessing other systems.

Advanced Capabilities


Perfecta Prism is interoperable with any Linux-computing environment and integrates with multiple hardware platforms and can scale from small-form factor embedded systems to a cloud deployment. Perfecta Prism is the most functional media gateway and transcoder available on the market today.


Special Features

  • Transcode video, audio and data
  • Distribute video to any device
  • Ingest and record multiple inputs
  • Overlay video, audio and data
  • Display tiled video feeds
  • Analyze external stream throughput
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