Perfecta EdgeCon™ is a Family of Systems (FoS) that integrates software and hardware solutions into a small, lightweight, rugged, and configurable body-worn tactical computing system, enabling the individual warfighter to effectively and efficiently power, monitor, and control all attached radios and electronic devices.


EdgeCon™ is built on a system-level architecture with the primary goals of utilizing a standardized device and power interface that is designed to handle more input power than current dismounted power solutions can provide, deliver and manage more output power per port than current devices can handle and provide a higher speed data connection for all downstream devices than most current devices operate at. A single USB Type-C compliant connector is utilized for all device and host connections, simplifying the warfighters’ experience by allowing any device to be connected to any port.

Unique Features

  • 6-port Hub with integrated SOM with 3.1 USB-C Interface
  • Remote Radio Control without need of an EUD
  • Customizable System Human Interface
  • All-In-One Device Management Application
  • Cabling with USB Type C connectors

The core EdgeCon™ component is a smart power and data management hub (Hub). The EdgeCon™ Hub supports an EUD with three (3) dedicated downstream device ports. Each port supports USB 3.2 Gen 1 data rates of 5Gbs and is USB Power Delivery (PD) compliant, providing up to 100 watts, depending on configured voltage. The Hub also supports an input system power of 10-20V DC at a maximum current of 10 amps. The input power connector follows the Nett Warrior power connector architecture, enabling smart battery data to be used and compliant charging of the connected system battery. A secondary power input connector supports the input of 10-35V DC at a maximum of 10 amps for scavenge power. Scavenge power can be used to charge the system battery while simultaneously providing system power


Utilizing the proposed Hub as the core component of EdgeCon™, additional components are added to build a smartly configured system to comprehensively address the identified needs of the warfighter. Individual power controls and USB PD compliant power supplies behind each device port allows the operator discrete control of power within the system at a level not offered before. Integrated processing capability in the hub is incorporated to service data management independent of the EUD in configurations that are anticipated to be “headless”. This processing capability provides a level of futureproofing for additional feature sets in support of next generation capabilities still to be deployed. For more information, please contact us.

6-Port Smart Hub

Unmatched Benefits

  • Optimized SWAP
  • Integrated Power and Data Management
  • Power Scavenging Capability
  • IP-67 Rating
  • EUD Agnostic

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