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Perfecta DeckPunch™ is a web-based system that provides users with an integrated, secure, scalable platform from which they can anonymously collect OSINT, perform Cyber Operations, and implement Messaging Campaigns. The platform isolates each Persona and allows system admins to assign Users to the resources they are authorized to access. Campaigns are established with eligible account types. Missions are subsets of the campaigns.


Operations within DeckPunch™ are organized by administrative users into Campaigns, Missions and Teams to help maintain operational security and provide structure to the managed attribution tradecraft. Personas on DeckPunch™ use a “check-in” and “check-out” workflow for operation deconfliction. On the platform, users can take their personas online, create email and social media accounts, post content, and interact with other online users through dedicated Virtual Machines using Linux, Android and Windows operating systems.


DeckPunch™ coupled with Perfecta Tirade™ – our unified communications platform and Perfecta Labyrinth™, our secure global high availability multi-mesh infrastructure allows seamless forward project persona activity tailored to the geography and social profiles of the target audience. DeckPunch™ is also API based and can connect to your existing infrastructure.

Perfecta Fulcrum™ is a Linux containerized Launch Platform and Command and Control (LPC2) enabling Orca™ Cyber and Electronic Warfare. Fulcrum™ is API based and communicates with Orca™ through certificate based network overlays capable of real time or asynchronous use over commercial and military infrastructure. Fulcrum™ integrates into the Perfecta Platform to enable Tirade™ and Labyrinth™ launch paths and target handover from DeckPunch™ Personas. A Cyber Arms Room is integrated into Fulcrum™ in order to specifically manage the release authority of specific weapons and groups of weapons.

Perfecta Labyrinth™ is an automated, tailorable system that provides a multi layered, multi path, resilient, redundant, built to burn global Managed Attribution System. Labyrinth™ is low cost so every customer can deploy, secure, monitor, destroy and replace every part of the network as operations dictate.


Labyrinth™ is configurable by the customer, based on their operations and the systems to which they must connect. By default, Labyrinth™ uses certificates to encrypt data at rest and store it inside encrypted partitions. Labyrinth™ encrypts data in transit and uses two different traffic tunnelling technologies which each implement a different encryption schema. System re-keys occur more regularly than required by NIST.

Each node in the network is initially configured with Perfecta provided template. Users can customize the template as required. Through the Labyrinth™ Web Based Dashboard, users can control the firewall rules through an easy-to-use UI.


Labyrinth™ separates user traffic from management traffic. This simplifies log review and log export. User provisioning is performed by the customer site admin and utilizes a non-internet connected, private MFA solution that is Smart Card based. Customers can also integrate Labyrinth™ User Permissions into existing LDAP or AD environments. All activities on and between each node are monitored live by the network monitoring system and all logs are timestamped, encrypted and backed-up.

Perfecta Lantern™ is an industry leading dark web data and information monitoring and detection service that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science with trained Intelligence Analysts. It delivers broad dark web data and information monitoring and detection capability combined with actionable information and meaningful reports.


This comprehensive service can be customized to the unique needs of a business. Whether monitoring for compromised credit card data, personally identifiable information (PII), leaked intellectual property or cyber threats, Perfecta Lantern™ achieves accurate visibility for its clients.

Perfecta Orca™ is a small, multi-form factor network surveillance solution that combines Cellular, WiFi, MANET, GPS and Software Defined Radios to provide operators with a wearable, defensive Cyber and Electronic Warfare Capability that can automatically become an offensive platform when a target is detected.


In the current age where cyber security leadership is paramount – Orca™ turns every soldier, sailor, airmen, marine or civilian first responder into a cyber intelligence source for their area of operations.  Both tactical military units and law enforcement agencies have an ongoing need to understand both the RF landscape around them and the RF signature that is visible to their adversary.  As tactical cyber operations continue to become the front line, we envision every soldier carrying an Orca™ alongside their sidearm.


Orca™ works in concert with Fulcrum™ to provide detailed information about emitter location and transmission, intercepts wireless traffic, and can disconnect devices from a network. Fulcrum™ is the command and control platform (C2) that aggregates and manages information flows from a network of Orca™. Fulcrum™ provides an easy web-based map of geolocated RF emitters and integrates into Common Operational Picture systems via open APIs.

Perfecta Tirade™ offers secure UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) capabilities for the team members of your choosing, making it possible to leverage secure Voice/Video/Chat. Data sent through Tirade™ is forensically irretrievable and supports MFA from inside secure facilities.


Tirade™ was designed to provide forward and reach back assets with a messaging platform capable of sending 100,000 SMS or phone calls with pre-recorded messages to targeted numbers and allowing users to coordinate the response among multiple language teams.


At a high level, the Tirade™ system backend is a custom PBX (private bank exchange) with built-in selective forwarding units (SFUs) as well as STUN and TURN servers designed to operate with Managed Attribution Infrastructure. The technologies are complex, but Tirade™ is even more robust and secure than other UCaaS offerings. All backend systems and subsystems interact using authenticated connections and encrypted data. Tirade™ system backend integrates with large CSPs, as well as smaller, regionally-based CSPs and mobile wireless gateways.

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