Perfecta Fulcrum™ is a Linux containerized Launch Platform and Command and Control (LPC2) enabling Orca™ Cyber and Electronic Warfare. Fulcrum™ is API based and communicates with Orca™ through certificate based network overlays capable of real time or asynchronous use over commercial and military infrastructure. Fulcrum™ integrates into the Perfecta Platform to enable Tirade™ and Labyrinth™ launch paths and target handover from DeckPunch™ Personas. A Cyber Arms Room is integrated into Fulcrum™ in order to specifically manage the release authority of specific weapons and groups of weapons.

Unique Features

  • Collects and plots geolocation of target emitters and Orcas
  • Enables the creation and deployment of effects on identified networks
  • Distributes configurations, scripts, and data to a network of deployed Orcas
  • Users can toggle emitter types on map
  • Ingests available opensource map tiles (e.g., OSM)
  • Securely connects into Labyrinth as required

Fulcrum™ provides a strategic shift in military and civilian operations by collecting cyber and electronic warfare intelligence, providing the ability to conduct offensive and defensive cyber operations, keeping our cyber warriors safe, and ultimately ensuring success in how today’s tactical operations are fought and won.


Fulcrum™ and Orca™ are tailored to the specific needs of government, military, and law enforcement customers. 

Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations

Unmatched Benefits

  • Shortens the Cyber “Kill Chain”
  • Full-Spectrum Joint Multi-Domain Solution
  • Seamlessly integrates with US Army Integrated Tactical Network
  • Pairs with TAK networks to provide fused COP capability
  • Capable of Target Hand-Over to National Strategic Assets

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