Perfecta Labyrinth™ is an automated, tailorable system that provides a multi layered, multi path, resilient, redundant, built to burn global Managed Attribution System. Labyrinth™ is low cost so every customer can deploy, secure, monitor, destroy and replace every part of the global network as critical operations dictate to the specific security needs of government intelligence agencies, military, and large commercial enterprises.  


Labyrinth™ is configurable by the customer, based on their operations and the systems to which they must connect. By default, Labyrinth™ uses certificates to encrypt data at rest and store it inside encrypted partitions. Labyrinth™ encrypts data in transit and uses two different traffic tunneling technologies which each implement a different encryption schema. System re-keys occur more regularly than required by NIST.


Each node in the network is initially configured with Perfecta provided template. Users can customize the template as required. Through the Labyrinth™ Web Based Dashboard, users can control the firewall rules through an easy-to-use UI.


Labyrinth™ separates user traffic from management traffic. This simplifies log review and log export. User provisioning is performed by the customer site admin and utilizes a non-internet connected, private MFA solution that is Smart Card based. Customers can also integrate Labyrinth™ User Permissions into existing LDAP or AD environments. All activities on and between each node are monitored live by the network monitoring system and all logs are timestamped, encrypted and backed-up.

Unique Features

  • Globally accessible management via a secure web application (Labyrinth™ Management Portal)
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure with hundreds of exit points worldwide
  • Built-to-burn, multi-nodal infrastructure to manage your digital footprint
  • Imperceptible latency with limited performance impact
  • API Based

To optimize the customer experience, Perfecta includes the Labyrinth™ Management Portal (LMP) with all deployments of Labyrinth™. This allows customers to perform self service on the user accounts, and to monitoring each section of the Labyrinth™ Infrastructure. LMP also allows users to select and export logs from the system, provides a UI to control the firewall rules on the Exit Nodes and allows users to check the status and perform routine troubleshooting commands on all Labyrinth™ Nodes.


Custom UI

Unmatched Benefits

  • Incorporates Multi-Tunnel VPNs
  • Provides a Matrix of Resilient Meshes
  • Provides multiple wash points for user traffic
  • Automated deployment takes less than 1 hour
  • Integrated Geographic and Logical Network Monitoring Dashboard

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