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Perfecta Lantern™

Perfecta Lantern is a specialized digital risk service that monitors for and detects leaked data, cyber-threats and illicit activities through in-depth discovery and analysis within the dark web, open, closed, and person to person (P2P) sources.

This personalized service provides clients with tailored information and data detection capabilities within inaccessible or difficult to reach sources across the world and in over 27 languages. 

Comprehensive Leaked Data Detection

Perfecta Lantern’s analysts use multiple access points combined with linguistic data, digital-forensics, and cybersecurity-intelligence to deliver unmatched, actionable information to clients.

Our global infrastructure and cyber signature reduction services allow our team to work undercover within the dark web. We monitor for and report on activity throughout the entire cyber-attack lifecycle, from target selection to actual trade of information.

The Perfecta Lantern service continuously discovers and tracks both known and unknown communication sources across the evolving dark web, enabling us to monitor and uncover adversaries’ malicious activity, as well as identifying compromised personally identifiable information (PII).

Each client receives customized reports and cyber threat intelligence information that support strategic decision-making processes.

Intelligence Led Approach


Perfecta Lantern combines artificial intelligence (AI) with specialized analyst oversight to provide a comprehensive reach into the dark web. Collecting big data from myriad sources allows us to classify cyber-attack plans and threats as well as deliver reports with principal findings, analyses, and recommendations to stakeholders.  


Special Features

  • Uncover cyber threats and attackers
  • Monitor for and report on data leaks 
  • Identify operational and business risk
  • Deliver actionable intelligence
  • Access the dark web without a trace
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