Perfecta Lantern™ is an industry leading dark web data and information monitoring and detection service that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science with trained Intelligence Analysts. It delivers broad dark web data and information monitoring and detection capability combined with actionable information and meaningful reports.


This comprehensive service can be customized to the unique needs of a business. Whether monitoring for compromised credit card data, personally identifiable information (PII), leaked intellectual property or cyber threats, Perfecta Lantern™ achieves accurate visibility for its clients.

Unique Features

  • Automated dark web information monitoring and detection
  • Search for stolen intellectual property, personal information, stolen financial information and more
  • Uncover cyber-attack plans and timelines
  • Conduct searches in over 50 languages
  • Quickly builds relational maps

Using its highly trained machine learning and automated crawling capability Perfecta Lantern™ collects data and information from the surface web, closed and hidden networks, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication and dark web sources in over 50 languages around the globe. It’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology performs in-depth analysis identifying correlational data between terms, references, dates and locations to quickly generate relational maps of information that Data Scientists and Intelligence Analysts use to uncover and accurately detect malicious activity. Perfecta Lantern™ far exceeds traditional dark web monitoring services commonly available today.


With its unique combination of discovery, correlation, analysis and threat identification, Perfecta Lantern™ is positioned to offer capabilities once reserved for governments and military to commercial clients.

Dark Web Search Engine

Secure Unified Communication System

Our global infrastructure and cyber services allow our technology and Intelligence Analysts to work undercover within the dark web for your organization. We monitor and report on activity throughout the entire cyber-attack life cycle, from target selection to the actual trade of information. The Perfecta Lantern™ service continuously discovers and tracks both known and unknown communication sources across the evolving dark web on your behalf, making it possible to monitor and uncover adversaries’ malicious activity and identify compromised personally identifiable information (PII) quickly.

Threat Identification

Cyber security experts, data scientists and intelligence analysts analyze machine-collected data to accurately identify cyber risks.


Correlation and Analysis

Data scientist perform in-depth analysis and identify correlational data between terms, references, dates, times and locations to build relationships and timelines.


Awareness and Tactical Prioritization

Experts classify threats and recommend cyber defense strategies to enable clients to prepare defenses and mitigate risk.

Identify, Analyze, Prioritize

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