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Note Regarding COVID-19: Perfecta's commitment during this unprecedented pandemic remains to the health and safety of our employees. Following protocols from the CDC, we have adapted our working arrangements to include: more flexible work-from-home options, social distancing in the office and at client facilities, providing hand sanitizer and appropriate PPE at the office, instituting temperature checks upon arrival at the office and limiting the numbers of staff in communal spaces.



In the current age where cyber security leadership is paramount - Orca turns every soldier, sailor, airmen, marine or civilian first responder into a cyber intelligence source for their area of operations.  Both tactical military units and law enforcement agencies have an ongoing need to understand both the RF landscape around them and the RF signature that is visible to their adversary.  As tactical cyber operations continue to become the front line, we envision every soldier carrying an Orca alongside their sidearm.


Perfecta ORCA is a portable network surveillance solution. Orca provides detailed information about emitter location and transmission, can intercept wireless traffic, and disconnect devices from a network. Orca works in concert with Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance – Tactical Cyber (ISR-TC) server is a command and control platform (C2) that aggregates and manages information flows from a network of Orcas. ISR-TC provides an easy web-based map of geolocated RF emitters and integrates into Common Operational Picture systems via open APIs.


Orca provides a strategic shift in military and civilian operations by collecting cyber and electronic warfare intelligence, providing the ability to conduct offensive and defensive cyber operations, keeping our cyber warriors safe, and ultimately ensuring success in how today’s tactical operations are fought and won.



  • Low SWAP RF surveillance and geolocation
  • Wide range of protocols and frequencies via commercial chipsets and software defined radios.
  • Support for mobile ad hoc networking (MANET) radios
  • Ease of integration to COP systems via open API’s
  • Enables convergence of SIGINT, EW, and Cyber Operations

Orca and ISR-TC are tailored to the specific needs of government and law enforcement customers. For more information, please contact us.


Special Features 

  • Enables remote cyber Call for Fire through military networks
  • Supports cursor-on-target (CoT) messages
  • Compact and fully mobile
  • Easy to use UI
  • Compatible with military standard systems and mesh radios
  • Runs up to 20 hours on a single battery charge
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