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Note Regarding COVID-19: Perfecta's commitment during this unprecedented pandemic remains to the health and safety of our employees. Following protocols from the CDC, we have adapted our working arrangements to include: more flexible work-from-home options, social distancing in the office and at client facilities, providing hand sanitizer and appropriate PPE at the office, instituting temperature checks upon arrival at the office and limiting the numbers of staff in communal spaces.

PFCTA - Tailored Perfecta Product and Operational Training for Government Contracting and Beyond

Perfecta offers tailored training options via our PFCTA instructors for our suite of strategic and tactical cyber products, including:

  • DeckPunch
  • Labyrinth
  • Tirade
  • Lantern
  • Orca

By building upon product implementation and use with our mission partners, coursework is under development and refinement for individuals with a variety of cyber skillsets:

  • Cyber Operations Specialists
  • Software and Network Engineers
  • IT and Maintenance Personnel
  • Command and Control Leadership

By incorporating best practices from our system deployments, Perfecta's PFCTA modules are enhanced alongside each software and hardware product release.

PFCTA Training Benefits

Enabling Efficient and Effective Cyber Operations

Perfecta offers PFCTA Product and Operational Training as a supplement to our full product suite. By engaging in customized, dedicated training programs and resources, users become certified PFCTA practitioners and more effectively conduct their missions using Perfecta's product suite. PFCTA instructors are trained Perfecta employees with relevant product experience and practical expertise.

PFCTA resources are in development across our DeckPunch, Labyrinth, Tirade, Lantern, and Orca products. Sample PFCTA modules include:

  • Deployment and Implementation by Platform
  • Conducting Tactical Cyber Operations in the Field
  • Operational Configurations and Deployment Management
  • Application Tips and Tricks by Echelon
  • Strategic Unified Communications