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Perfecta EdgeCon™ is a Family of Systems (FoS) that integrates software and hardware solutions into a small, lightweight, rugged, and configurable body-worn tactical computing system, enabling the individual warfighter to effectively and efficiently power, monitor, and control all attached radios and electronic devices.


EdgeCon™ is built on a system-level architecture with the primary goals of utilizing a standardized device and power interface that is designed to handle more input power than current dismounted power solutions can provide, deliver and manage more output power per port than current devices can handle and provide a higher speed data connection for all downstream devices than most current devices operate at. A single USB Type-C compliant connector is utilized for all device and host connections, simplifying the warfighters’ experience by allowing any device to be connected to any port.

Perfecta Fulcrum™ is a Linux containerized Launch Platform and Command and Control (LPC2) enabling Orca™ Cyber and Electronic Warfare. Fulcrum™ is API based and communicates with Orca™ through certificate based network overlays capable of real time or asynchronous use over commercial and military infrastructure. Fulcrum™ integrates into the Perfecta Platform to enable Tirade™ and Labyrinth™ launch paths and target handover from DeckPunch™ Personas. A Cyber Arms Room is integrated into Fulcrum™ in order to specifically manage the release authority of specific weapons and groups of weapons.

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